Final Fantasy 13-3 Teased By Toriyama In New Final Fantasy Book

Dave Cook


Final Fantasy 13-3 might actually be happening, as suggested by a new interview with director Motomu Toriyama. Check out the quotes here.

Published on Jul 5, 2012

Final Fantasy 13-3 has been rumoured ever since gamers first reached the ambiguous and slightly disappointing 'To be continued' ending of Final Fantasy 13-2.  

Director Motomu Toriyama constantly stated that the Final Fantasy 13-2 plot would be resolved by a post-launch Lightning DLC, rather than a full sequel.

However, the Lignting DLC still didn't answer most questions left by the ending, re-igniting talk of a full-blown Final Fantasy 13-3 release.

Square-Enix has been quiet on the subject, until a new interview with Toriyama in the newly released art and development book Final Fantasy XIII-2: Ultimania Omega.


In the book Toriyama discusses his next project, as translated FF Reuinion:

"Like Lightning advancing one step forward in the secret event, I think we want to take a step forward to advance our own project. From now on, I’d be happy if you could anticipate it."

"With Lightning remaining in the crystal but still keeping her heart, you could say that the world of Final Fantasy XIII will be permanently [unstranslated]. I'm praying for the day to come that Lightning will surely wake up and Serah will be rewarded."

Sounds like the Final Fantasy 13 saga isn't done yet.



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