Mojang Announces Scrolls Heading Into Alpha Today

Adam Barnes


Minecraft developer is ramping up on its next project, as strategy card collecting game Scrolls heads into alpha.

Published on Jul 5, 2012

Scrolls heads to alpha today, as confirmed by Minecraft developer Mojang on the official blog.

However, unlike Minecraft, Scrolls won't be available to all who buy it. Instead this will be a closed alpha, with access only being given to a select few who signed up.

The codes will be sent out by email, so check yours if you signed up for the alpha.

Once the alpha build becomes more stable, Mojang will move Scrolls into open beta and that is when you can buy it and take part.

In the alpha build you will have access to:

Deck Building

This is where you'll go to customise your deck of cards and build new packs for different battles.

Alpha players will have a complete to a full deck of 40 cards, with 3 of each available scroll in the game. 

You can have as many decks as you like, while you can use the same scrolls in multiple decks.


Single-player in the final game will have access to an explorable world with powerful bosses to take on. Unfortunately that won't be the case in the alpha.

You will be able to take on AI opponets of 3 varying difficulties, each of which will have a selection of different decks to play against.


The alpha will also have access to the Arena, a multiplayer area where you can chat with players and challenge them.

This will let you queue up to take on a random opponent, as well as including a 90 second countdown to force a move.

So let us know if you get in on the alpha, and post your thoughts below.



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