Final Fantasy 7 For PC Official. Coming 'This Year'

Adam Barnes


It's hardly a secret anymore, but Square Enix confirms the Final Fantasy 7 will be rereleased for PC soon.

Published on Jul 5, 2012

It's official people, Square Enix's most popular Final Fantasy game to date will be headed to PC again.

As we already know, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy 7's rerelease on PC will feature cloud saves, in-game Achievements to "encourage players to explore various facets of the game" and Character Boosters to cheat the system and get a high-level character.

There's no mention on whether these Character Boosters will cost extra, but this is a cynical world we're living in: don't be surprised if this little 'bonus' will cost you a bit more.

There's no confirmation of a release date either, but the press release does state that Final Fantasy 7 PC "will be available this year to celebrate the Final Fantasy franchise’s 25th anniversary."

So, it's this year at least.

The original Final Fantasy came out in Japan on December 18 1987, could we see the release date of Final Fantasy 7 on the same day? It will be a Tuesday, after all.



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