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Game Of Thrones Recreated In Minecraft, Screenshot Gallery

Adam Barnes


WesterosCraft's takes on that Lord Of The Rings project for the title of 'most epic Minecraft project ever'.

We've seen Lord Of The Rings built out of Minecraft blocks, but now a team at WesterosCraft are rebuilding the entire world of Game Of Thrones, as popularised by HBO's recent TV show.

But there's more to this project than just that. Sure, Maruku's high-res, tilt-shift style images highlight some of the glorious recreations that WesterosCraft has built, but there will eventually to be so much more.

NPCs and enemy types are being added in at some point, so it could even become a playable RPG-style quest in the Game Of Thrones world. Just imagine that.

There's even a livemap of the server over on the official website, where you can track the current state of the build and even where players on the server are and what they're saying. 

The videos in the media section of the site highlighting some of the more memorable locales too.

If you're interested, head over to the official WesterosCraft website to find server details and texture pack download links to experience the world for yourself.

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