Monster Hunter 4: New Monster, Release Date & Smarter Enemies

Adam Barnes


Capcom's next Monster Hunter has had extra details released during its Game Jam event.

Published on Jul 4, 2012

Monster Hunter 4 might not be with us for a while, but as a game that can shift portable consoles it's certainly one to look out for when it does finally appear on Nintendo's 3DS.

And though a more specific release date isn't yet known, Capcom has revealed during a stage presentation at its Capcom Game Jam that Monster Hunter 4 will be launching in Spring 2013.

So a while to wait just yet.

Additional information has been revealed through Japanese magazine Famitsu, however, such as the new monster Kechawacha. Resembling an orangutan crossed with an elephant, believe it or not.

The underwater sections of Monster Hunter Tri have now been cut from the series too, instead opting for a higher focus on altitude instead.

Players will also have access to a travelling caraven which will act as their base, presumably for trading and crafting.

Most interesting is the news that monsters will now be considerably smarter than before, utilising terrain to its advantages and changing attack patterns depending on the player's position to it.

That's all we know so far, but Capcom has released a gameplay trailer of the game highlighting just a few of the new features.



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