Dust 514 Second Beta Live Now, Lasts Four Days

Adam Barnes


Get in on CCP's PS3 exclusive MMOFPS now, before it's too late.

Published on Jul 4, 2012

Dust 514's first beta has been closed, but worry not - a second beta is now live, a day earlier than planned in fact!

If you were part of the last beta event you're account will still be active, you can boot it up now and drop back in to the world of Eve Online.

If you haven't yet gained entry to the beta, however, you can sign up for the second beta event over on the official Dust 514 website.

Additionally the new beta will bring with it a second map, for those of you who had grown a little tired of that one area.

Alternatively you can buy access to the beta with the Mercenary Pack which, for £13.99, will also give you 4000 Aurum, a special dropsuit, a unique submachine gun and a host of grenades and ammos. Check it out over here.


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