Smash Bros: Sakurai Posts Character Sketch Online - No New Characters

Dave Cook


Smash Bros. news keeps on coming thick and fast. A new character sketch from Masahiro Sakurai hints at the game's character selection. Check it out here.

Published on Jul 3, 2012

Smash Bros. is gearing up for a major announcement in just two days, according to a new teaser site posted by co-developers Namco Bandai and Project Sora.

Director on the new Smash Bros. game Masahiro Sakurai tweeted this image this morning:

Sakurai said in his tweet, "This is what our staff drew on the white board. It's good!" Indeed it is, but how cool would it have been if a new character was lurking in the background?"

Smash Bros. has been discused by Sakurai in snippets lately. Most recently he said that the new game would not feature any new characters, although his Tweet seems to suggest the opposite.

Who would you like to see on the new Smash Bros. roster, from either the Namco Bandai or Nintendo side? Let us know below.



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