Sony Buying Gaikai Was "Intelligent Move" - Divnich Explains The Deal

Dave Cook


Sony bought cloud-based game streaming service Gaikai yesterday, and EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich reckons it was a smart move. Find out why here.

Published on Jul 3, 2012

Sony's acquisition of cloud-gaming service Gaikai was an, "Intelligent move on Sony’s end to future proof itself against the natural yet unpredictable evolution of technology", EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich explained to NowGamer.

EEDAR's vice president of insights and analysis explained that Sony's purchase goes beyond games, "This was an acquisition that gives an enormous advantage to all of Sony’s product lines, not just game consoles."

"Don’t think of this acquisition as a play on cloud gaming," Divnich continued, "but rather a play on cloud entertainment, and Sony’s Gaikai acquisition will position Sony to deliver music, movies, television, and gaming through a multitude of devices including consoles, mobile/tablets, set-top boxes, or just the television itself."

The term 'asynchronous' was batted around a lot at E3 2012 - used in reference to accessing the same content on a multitude of devices. Divnich believes that this is what Sony is looking to achieve through Gaikai's tech.

Divnich added, "This should be viewed as a risk mitigation strategy to ensure that Sony will always have a method of content delivery, regardless of the hardware that stands between Sony and the consumers."

"I wouldn’t expect Sony to take advantage of the Gaikai technology right now," Divnich concluded, "it does take time to integrate these emerging technologies, so don’t necessarily expect any major integration news through the first 6 months."

We'll keep our eyes open for further news on the Sony Gaikai deal as it happens.



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