Secret World Launch Patch 1.0 Notes Published - Every Change Detailed

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The Secret World will release on 3 July, and ahead of launch developer FunCom has implemented new fixes, along with patch notes. Read them all here.

Published on Jul 2, 2012


The Secret World will launch officially tomorrow, but FunCom is patching the game right up to launch based on beta feedback and testing.

The latest fixes change a lot of elements, and as such, we've listed the entire patch notes below. Also, our Secret World review goes live tomorrow so be sure to check back for our full rundown.



  • You can no longer create a Nickname that ends with a dash instead of a letter or number. (in accordance with the rules of naming your character as stated in the character creation tooltips).
  • Items/Weapons obtained from the in-game item shop can no longer be sold in game to vendors.
  • Corrected an issue where some character bound items could be traded.
  • Fixed an issue where background music would cease to play after zoning a few times.
  • When the player holds Shift and double clicks a loot bag, the cursor now reverts back to the default icon.
  • Characters are no longer bald after character creation (unless you chose to be bald).
  • Fixed an issue where particles from a buff would not be removed properly.
  • Fixed the "getting Lore" animation.
  • When changing the eye color on a newly created character, it now changes the eyes as intended.
  • Fixed the animation when your character interacts with something.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat filter was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was responsible for a chat server crash.
  • Climbing ladder animations are now more in sync with the ladder.
  • Using /reset while in anima form no longer renders your character unable to resurrect.
  • Fixed some visual issues seen in London with Tessellation enabled.
  • Removed the automatic video popups while in the training rooms.
  • Your pet should now be able to follow you through Agartha without pathing issues.
  • Fixed a staircase in The Scorched Desert where your character would stop moving near the top while climbing the stairs.
  • Shadowy Forest : You can no longer look through the bottom of the herb gardens.
  • Equipping an item should always play a sound now.
  • Corrected an issue where a few cinematics could remove certain buffs from your character unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where you could accidentally select the wrong dimension to create your character during character creation.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on shutdown of the client.
  • The patcher button now links players to the official forum, and players are now sent to Community and Support pages in their chosen patcher language.
  • Applying more than one resource at a time should now play the resource added animation correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping voices.



  • Fullscreen mode setting on the patcher should now save for Dx11 users.
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening/closing the browser and going into fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a crash observed when training skills.
  • You should no longer crash when using energy drinks.
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening the tradepost window.
  • Fixed a crash caused while navigating through the storage pages of the tradepost.
  • TXAA has been disabled in the Video options setting panel, even if you have a 600-series card (like the GTX 680) and the newest beta drivers (304.48).



  • There is now a popup asking if you would like to buy an item you cannot use.
  • Dynamic tooltips are now updating correctly on the toolbar as well when players have "Show advanced ability descriptions" both checked and unchecked.
  • The Run for the Border achievement has been renamed.
  • The text that warns you that you are about to delete your character is no longer cut off.
  • Loot confirmation popup windows now display during cinematics.
  • The Claim Reward button on the Deck tab will work correctly now.
  • The Health bar tutorial now contains all correct information.
  • Empty passive skills no longer have a gold border around them.
  • Fixed the cause of some error text in the tooltip of an item updated with a glyph or signet.
  • Mission goals are no longer overlapping for multiple missions in the mission tracker GUI.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to lose keyboard input when clicking outside the tradepost while writing a letter.
  • The inspection GUI no longer shows Faction Rank as undefined.
  • Missions that are unrepeatable do not show up on the Mission GUI anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not drag an ability's icon from the ability wheel to your hotbar.
  • Added missing tooltips to the Savage Coast , Carpathian Fangs, Besieged Farmlands, City of the Sun God, The Blue Mountain, and Shadowy Forest maps.
  • Fixed an issue where a button on the login screen would overlap the login name field on small resolutions.
  • Implemented a few new Lore categories.
  • Double left clicking items that have an ability no longer automatically attaches them to your mouse pointer to move them.
  • The tutorial window now properly displays information.
  • Fixed an issue where you may have seen the wrong faction on the character selection screen.
  • Rank is no longer cutoff in the Members tab of the Cabal Management window.
  • Stack size no longer appear as a block in the crafting window.
  • Cursor "cog wheels" no longer light up when you are too far away to interact with an object.
  • There is no longer a black screen when the player spams the M key to open the map is pressed repeatedly.
  • Corrected an FPS drop that occurred when opening and closing GUI windows rapidly.
  • There is a rename GUI that pops up now when you have an invalid name.



  • Players are no longer able to sprint with their weapons out.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shotgun Wedding ability had no icon, description, tooltip, and could not be equipped.
  • Raging Volcano is no longer missing its animation.
  • When using the ability Blowout the buff icon now appears the same no matter how many resources you have.
  • Linked Veins no longer heals the player, but his allies, as intended.



  • Recursia should no longer freeze and fail to summon adds.
  • Hell Raised : Nightmare version - Adjusted the Corroder encounter difficulty slightly, based on feedback.
  • The Ankh : Elite - Slightly increased difficulty to make this more of a challenge.
  • Hell Fallen : The damage numbers have been balanced to make the Golems much more difficult.
  • The Slaughterhouse door now has a tooltip to show it leads back to The Carpathian Fangs.



  • Story and faction ranking mission can no longer be shared, as intended.
  • Missions with prerequisites should no longer appear locked in the GUI when not locked.
  • Templar : Weapon training missions now update from all groups of demons in the Crucible in London.
  • Onscreen messages will now show updates for each tier of a mission you are doing, not each task.
  • Fixed several facial animation issues in cinematics.
  • Virgula Divina : Players can now enter and exit the dungeon without having their mission paused.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night now has proper faction-specific mission completion text.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night : Tier 18 cinematic with Cassandra now displays correctly.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night : Ami now opens her mouth to speak during her cinematic.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night : Fixed a crash during tier 15 defend the Savage Coast wards.
  • London Underground now completes correctly.
  • After the cinematic that plays once Mara has been killed, the effects no longer have visual issues.


  • Fixed an issue where your character could become stuck in the Dojang in Seoul.
  • The van that drops you off now has a better visual look.
  • Heart of Chaos : The Dragon is now more lifelike during his cinematic!
  • Total Eclipse : The waypoint marker is no longer offset for tier 9.
  • Dae-su no longer runs over tables to describe the currently selected weapon.
  • Dae-su will no longer use incidental dialog choices while describing weapons.
  • End Game : The female characters lips are now moving with the speech.


The Blue Mountain

  • The player is now able to assemble the ward on tier 3 of The Light that Blinds.

The Besieged Farmlands

  • Of the Forest will now update on tier 2 when you go to the Polluted Valley.

City of the Sun God

  • Black Sun, Red Sand : The mission no longer automatically pauses after reaching Akhenaten. Akhenatan's cinematic will now trigger properly.
  • Mummy Issues : First temple door for Tier 2 now opens after the guards are defeated.
  • The Black Pharaoh no longer interrupts himself while casting.

The Carpathian Fangs

  • Mortal Sins should progress correctly now.



  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance : The pop-up now shows the proper image for assembling pistols.
  • Kingsmouth missions The Hunger and Floater have been locked in this update.
  • The Occultist's Cookbook : The text located in the instruction booklet now reflects the correct way of assembling with glyphs.
  • Interacting with the computer in the Kingsmouth Code mission now works as intended.

The Scorched Desert

  • The locusts now have the correct animations for all of their abilities.
  • Angels & Demons : Fixed an issue where some users would crash at the end of the warehouse cinematic.
  • The Fate of al-Merayah : The mission now updates for all team members.

The Savage Coast

  • The mausoleum in the Wheel of Misfortune instance has had its collision adjusted.
  • The Black House : All media popups have subtitles now.

The Shadowy Forest

  • Mortal Sins - Leaving the Dragon's tomb while on tier 15 will no longer prevent mission completion.
  • Mortal Sins - Dying during Emma's cinematic will no longer make Emma disappear permanently.



  • Besieged Farmlands : Greenguards return to their original position after attacking enemies.
  • London : Iain Tibet Gladstone now stands in his correct pose.
  • Kingsmouth : NPCs at the sheriff's office now have attack animations.
  • Fixed several NPCs in London who had clothing texture issues.
  • Using an NPC's incidental dialog will no longer disable other dialogs on the NPC.
  • Some additonal NPCs will now have conversations when you walk past them and trigger them.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Mud Golem in Kingsmouth.
  • Cassandra King in Kingsmouth has proper textures now.
  • Kingsmouth : The Draug Warmonger and it's zombies now correctly hate the player spawning them.
  • Coughing NPCs now have cough audio.



  • Players can now correctly purchase abilities within Fusang Project.



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