Smash Bros: Mysterious Teaser Site Goes Live, Countdown Begins

Dave Cook


Namco Bandai has today published a teaser site for what appears to be the next Smash Bros. game, together with a countdown. Check it out here.

Published on Jul 2, 2012

Smash Bros. is making a comeback courtesy of new developers Namco Bandai, and today the company has published a teaser site for what it calls an "All Star Battle", together with some odd photographs. 

It's unknown if the new Smash Bros. project will be for Wii U, 3DS or both, but back at Nintendo's pre-E3 2011 conference, a new Smash Bros. project was teased for 3DS.

Nintendo announced that Namco Bandai would co-develop a new Smash Bros. title alongside Kid Icarus: Uprising studio Project Sora during a recent episode of Nintendo Direct. 

During the webcast project lead Masahiro Sakurai said, "The project has just gotten started. Bear in mind that not only are we developing two titles simultaneously, but we announced the project before we even started actual development, so I'm afraid we will likely have to keep you waiting for quite a while. Please be patient."

So expect the reveal to be light on information, but still, it's good news for Smash Bros. fans. We'll report on the reveal once the teaser countdown ends in three days.




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