Sony Buys GaiKai For $380 Million To 'Strengthen Online Content'

Dave Cook


Sony has today announced that it has bought Dave Perry's cloud-based game streaming service GaiKai in order to bolster its online content stream.

Published on Jul 2, 2012

Sony has today bought game streaming service GaiKai for $380 million to 'strengthen its online content', Reuters can confirm. 

Created by industry veteran Dave Perry, GaiKai enables the cloud streaming of triple-a games via browser, without the need for high-spec hardware at the gamer's end. 

Recent rumours suggested that Sony had acquired a streaming service and was due to make a big announcement at its pre-E3 conference, but no such announcement was made.


Just last week, Sony won a bid to buy EMI Music Publishing for $2.2 billion, triggering rumours that the Japanese giant is looking to infiltrate the digital content space, currently dominated by Apple.


How the GaiKai purchase will impact on Sony's PS3, PS Vita and mobile content streams is a mystery, but NowGamer has contacted both Sony and GaiKai for comment.




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