Is Xbox Surface The ‘Xbox 720’? - What The Leaked Specs Tell Us

Dave Cook


Xbox Surface is the name of Microsoft’s next Xbox console, according to recently leaked spec documents, but what do the details tell us about the console formerly known as ‘Xbox 720’?

Published on Jun 19, 2012


Xbox Surface is the alleged working title for Microsoft’s new Xbox, according to leaked document that reveals the hardware’s specs. At first glance, many sources have reported that this is a gaming edition of Microsoft’s new Surface tablets, but closer inspection suggests otherwise.

The hardware section of the Xbox Surface spec sheet is split into two areas – one labelled “Tablet Computing Device”, and another entitled “Stationary Computing Device” – suggesting the new Xbox will feature a console unit and separate tablet controller, similar to Wii U.

Delivering two six core IBM processors, 1.2 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, support for four wireless controllers, four USB 3.0 slots, video output support for up to 1440p and more, the Xbox Surface specs seem too advanced beyond what we know about Microsoft’s Surface tablets so far.

The Xbox Surface tablet features a seven inch screen, SD card slot and a host of connectivity features, but a standalone table it pales in comparison to market competition, suggesting that it is a companion to the Xbox Surface console. 

Here's are the Microsoft Surface specs in full:

Based on Mircosoft’s willingness to roll Xbox Live functions across all its phone and tablet hardware, as well as its reveal of SmartGlass at E3, it makes sense that the company would want to introduce a console with tablet features.

We’ll have more on Xbox Surface as it happens, but we’re already looking to a Microsoft reveal at E3 2013 for the final word on what ‘Xbox 720’ could look like.




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