Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard Details Revealed From Beta Players

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With a release date still a month away, Dawnguard details appear after beta players get their hands on Skyrim's first DLC.

Published on Jun 18, 2012

Skyrim's first DLC expansion Dawnguard has been in the hands of beta testers for a while now, and the first batch of confirmed details are beginning to appear.

It's all been dumped on the Elder Scrolls Wiki page, even with a couple of handy images and tables detailing the new Werewolf and Vampire skill trees.

Here's what we know:

  • Dragonbone Weapons can be crafted at any forge, requiring Dragon Bone (obviously), Ebony Ingots and Leather. The weapons you can create are the same as normal smithing possibilities, including Dragonbone Arrows.
  • Horseback combat will include a variety of weapons - including crossbows - but not spells.
  • Crossbows are slower to reload than bows, but can fire a loaded shot instantly. It also provides an opportunity to stagger an enemy.
  • If you choose to side with the vampire faction, you will gain access to Castle Volkihar - which will grant access to vampiric powers and blood potions (which count as feeding).
  • Choosing to join the Dawnguard will gain access to Fort Dawnguard, which will provide new weapons and armour and give you the ability to hire armoured troll companions.
  • You will visit the new location in the plane of Oblivion, Soul Cairn.
  • You will encounter an undead dragon Dumehviir, who can teach you special Dragon Shouts.
  • One Dragon Shout will let you summon Dumehviir himself, while a second will let you drain the lifeforce from an enemy.
  • During the section in the Soul Cairn you can gain access to and free Arvak. This undead horse has blue flames and can be summoned at will (including outside the Soul Cairn).
  • You will encounter Legendary Dragons, which will increase the maximum level of the dragons and make tougher fights.
  • Other new enemies include Gargoyles, Death Hounds, Armoured Trolls, Bonemen, Wrathmen and Boneyard Keepers.
  • Characters can be redesigned with a character in The Ratways at Riften. Race and gender must stay the same, but all other features can be altered.

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC's New Skill Trees

Alongside all these details, Skyrim: Dawnguard will enable users to unlock skills through the new vampire and werewolf skill trees.

Vampire Skill Set

Power of the Grave 
50 point bonus to health, magicka and stamina as a Vampire Lord.

Detect All Creatures 
Enables you to detect lifeforms.

Mist Form
Turn yourself into an invulnerable cloud of mist while regenerating your health, magicka, and stamina.

Supernatural Reflexes
You move quicker, while enemies move slower. Upgrade to Mist Form

Blood Healing
Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health.

Unearthly Will 
Night powers and Blood Magic cost 33% less.

Poison Talons
Melee attacks deal 20 points of poison damage.

Night Cloak
A shroud of bats feed on enemies within melee range.

Vampiric Grip
Blood Magic: Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close.

Summon Gargoyle
Summons a Gargoyle.

Corpse Curse
Paralyze your foes with this magical blast.

Werewolf Skillset

Bestial Strength
Do 25% more damage as a werewolf. Can be upgraded three additional times.

Totem of Ice Brothers
Upgrade to Bestial Strength

Totem of the Predator
Upgrade to Bestial Strength

Totem of Terror
Werewolf Howl of Terror affects even higher level creatures.

Totem of the Moon
Summon an ally werewolf with a howl.

Animal Vigor
100 point bonus to health and stamina in beast form.

Feeding heals twice as much health.

Savage Feeding
Upgrade to Gorging.

Thanks to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki for the details and images.

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