Halo 4 And All Other First-Party Xbox 360 Games To Feature SmartGlass

Tom Hopkins

Microsoft commits to extended experiences via mobile devices and tablets for upcoming Xbox 360 games.

Published on Jun 11, 2012

Halo 4 will be among the titles destined to receive the Smartglass treatment, with Microsoft committing to the functionality for all of its upcoming first-party Xbox 360 titles.

SmartGlass was revealed at E3 and refers to a mobile/tablet app which will connect to users Xbox 360 to display additional content for games, TV and movies.

"It just makes so much sense for a developer who wants to supply, maybe not time-critical information, like 'that enemy is getting ready to shoot you,' but information that augments what's happening on screen," Microsoft Studios' corporate VP Phil Spencer told Joystiq.

"I think you'll see information sharing, context sharing while you're in the room, with video and with games, as well as gameplay happening in more distributed environments."

SmartGlass will be a single app, and was demonstrated at E3 displaying  Halo Waypoint on an iPad connected to an Xbox 360 playing Halo 4.

"You have this surface, this smart surface, that sits on any device that you already own that's always in sync with what's happening on the television, and it knows where to go and grab the right content to display at the right time, to make sure that if you're playing Halo, then the Halo surface is available on SmartGlass."



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