Portal Co-Creator: A Steam Console Would Be 'Extremely Successful'

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Is a secret Steam console in development at Valve? games™’s interview with Portal creator Kim Swift suggests there may well be.

Published on May 31, 2012

Portal co-creator Kim swift has told games™ that she remembers discussions of Valve hardware as far back as 2009 when she still worked at the company, adding more fuel to speculation surrounding a potential Steam console.

This makes Swift the third Valve employee after Michael Abrash and Greg Coomer to talk about Valve-related hardware in the past few months. Could those discussions have been about the much mooted Steam Console? Swift believes, like many, that such a console would be a huge success.

“I wish Valve all the best with that and I think they would do incredibly well”, she says. “I remember people talking about Valve hardware when I was still there. Just look at how far Steam has come. When it started it was nothing and now it’s huge. You can buy almost any game, even really old games. So I think if they made that into a console then it would be extremely successful.”

Swift’s full interview can be found in issue 123 of games™, discussing her entire career and new game Quantum Conundrum. The article is part of a wider piece celebrating every aspect of Valve development including every piece of info on the rumoured Steam Console.

games™ 123 should reach subscribers this weekend and is on sale Thursday 7 June. Interested readers can subscribe to games™ either in print or digitally.



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