Epic: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms 'Unconfirmed Beyond PC'

Tom Hopkins

Epic Games comments on Wii U speculation, revealing it has yet to confirm platforms for UE4, other than PC.

Published on May 29, 2012

Epic Games has confirmed to NowGamer that it has yet to confirm which platforms Unreal Engine 4 will be compatible with - other than PC.

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley tweeted yesterday that Wii U would instead feature games created using Unreal Engine 3 - referencing comments made by Epic CEO Mike Capps at GDC in March.

Responding to our email, Epic told NowGamer that Unreal Engine 3 will  support Wii U - but that  it hasn't "confirmed platforms for UE4 beyond PC."

That could change next week, with Epic revealing Unreal Engine 4 in more detail at E3 which Keighley said will include 'realtime interactive prototypes'.

Epic previously said that UE4 was running on "systems we can’t name yet."

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