Sony Patent Reveals Plans For Game-Stopping Ad-Breaks

Tom Hopkins

PlayStation games could be supported by in-game ad-breaks according to newly revealed patent - but is it a good idea?

Published on May 25, 2012

Sony last year filed a patent application that details a method of breaking in-game to display an advert, GAF users have found.

Players would have their experience interrupted by said sales pitch before being able to return to and even rewind the action.

It's just a patent application right now, but sounds like something that would be particularly unsuited to some genres, and probably widely unpopular among gamers.

In-game advertising is nothing new (FIFA does it every year and no one bats an eyelid) but interrupting gameplay is a new suggestion. Surely placing ads in natural sections where the action stops (ie before a cut-scene or at the end of a mission) would be an improvement.

Ad-breaks overall wouldn't be particularly welcome, but our guess is that the patent description would relate to free-to-play, ad-supported games - much like we already have on mobile. And most TV shows.

Sony is rumoured to have a cloud-related announcement set for E3 - so it could relate to that.




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