Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update Coming 'This Summer'

Tom Hopkins

Mojang hints at new content for Minecraft Xbox 360 in the coming months.

Published on May 16, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will be updated sometime over the summer, according to Mojang's Minecraft developer Jeb Bergensten.

"A lot of people are asking about the next Minecraft Xbox update. All I can say is it's planned to be released "this summer"," the developer tweeted.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 is expected to be updated on an on-going basis - the current console version of the game is based on the PC beta version 1.6.6 , while the PC game is release version 1.2.5.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has been an unmitigated success, selling more than a million copies in a week, and becoming profitable an hour after going on sale.

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