Minecraft Xbox 360 Gets Rave Reviews, Notch Hints At Positive Sales

Tom Hopkins

Minecraft finally hits the Xbox, appearing to sell well amid a wave of positive reviews.

Published on May 9, 2012

Minecraft on Xbox 360 is finally with us, making its first - and only - console appearance via Xbox Live for 1600 MSP (around £13).

NowGamer's verdict on the bespoke version of Mojang's build-'em-up was hugely positive - check out our Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition review for more.

Meanwhile, Notch has hinted at solid day one sales for the new version, tweeting: "I am not allowed to reveal numbers yet, but let's just say Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition is doing.. pretty.. uh.. well."

Combined user ratings for Minecraft 360 on in the US and UK total over 500,000 at the time of writing.

Check out the other high-scoring reviews from around the net:

CVG - 9.0/10
Digital Spy - 4/5
Guardian - 4/5
Metro - 8/10
- 10/10
The Verge - 7/10

More Minecraft on NowGamer:



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