Valve 'Learning Lessons' From Portal 2 Level Editor, Planning More Workshop Support

Tom Hopkins

Valve planning to add Steam Workshop support to more of its games, hints at Portal 2-style level editors elsewhere.

Published on May 8, 2012

Portal 2's new map editor, the Perpetual Testing Initiative, could be inspire tools for other Valve games, with Valve confirming to NowGamer that it's planning Steam Workshop support for 'more of its games'.

"With the Perpetual Testing Initiative, we're changing Portal 2 into a growing and changing player-driven experience," Valve designer David Sawyer told NowGamer.

"As players wrap their heads around the Puzzle Maker and push the boundaries of what it can do, we'll want to react to their evolving requirements and ideas. So the hope is that as the community grows around Portal 2, we'll help shape Portal 2 in response," Sawyer added, usggesting some sort of Aperture Science-themed meta game could be on the cards.

Pushed on whether Valve was thinking about creating more accessible level editors like the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, Sawyer said: "We’re definitely planning Workshop support for more of our games. As for the editor, I’m sure we’ll be taking lessons from its success."

Check out our hands-on with the Portal 2 level editor for more.

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