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Tom Hopkins

Scotland-based digital capture firm to help EA Sports pack FIFA 13 with realistic player faces.

Published on May 8, 2012

FIFA 13 will feature a higher number of players with accurate 3D facial likenesses thanks to tech developed by Glasgow-based Dimensional Imaging, the firm has revealed.

"We recognised a few years ago that raising the quality of facial appearance was an increasing priority for our game teams," said Mike Harrison, director of EA Capture at Electronic Arts. "Working closely with Dimensional Imaging has allowed us to develop a highly accurate 3D facial capture pipeline that is now so efficient that we can apply it to more characters than we ever thought possible."

"The relentless increase in the quality of computer graphics makes it ever more necessary to capture real life human likenesses in order to create believable virtual characters, but this process has traditionally been very time consuming for video game development," added Dimensional Imaging CEO Colin Urquhart.

"EA was one of the first developers to recognize the need for improved capture workflows, and working with them since EA Sports FIFA 10 has been instrumental in helping Dimensional Imaging to develop a product suite that is now suitable for even the most demanding development pipelines in the business."

Decide what you make of the results with the first batch of FIFA 13 screens.

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