Rockstar Details Max Payne 3 Crew Sizes, GTA 5 Feuds, Rewards And More

Tom Hopkins

Rockstar tells NowGamer how crews will work in both Max Payne 3 and GTA 5.

Published on May 3, 2012

Max Payne 3 and GTA 5 will both incorporate multiplayer crews containing "thousands of people," enabling large public and private groups to fight, feud and rival each other across both games, Rockstar has revealed to NowGamer.

"There are going to be two types of Crews – private crews that you and your friends can create and customise to your liking, and Rockstar-created crews that are open to everyone," Charlie Bewsher, Max Payne 3 Lead multiplayer designer told us.

"Private crews hold up to 250 members and public crews are unlimited, so thousands of people can join the same crew and start reaping the benefits."

Crews also benefit their members with in-game bonuses, Bewsher explained.

"There are also a range of in-game rewards and mechanics that impact crew cooperation –HUD identifiers, customisable emblems on in-game equipment for opponents to see, dedicated crew assist-style awards and the Crew feud mechanic to name a few.

This last one creates automatic feuds between different crews, to see which is the meanest! You may have read recently that we also announced that crews created in Max Payne 3, and any feuds you have going with other crews will be fully transferable into Grand Theft Auto V and beyond."

It sounds like Rockstar is designing the Crew system to accomodate further games after GTA 5 - as far as crews go, Bewsher added: "There’s a lot more that we haven’t talked about yet."

Look out for our full Max Payne 3 feature interview and a new multiplayer trailer at 5pm today, or hit the links below for more.




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