God Of War: Ascension: Jaffe Reveals Ideas For Next Kratos Adventure

Tom Hopkins

God of War creator David Jaffe shares his thoughts on where Kratos should go in PS3 exclusive God of War: Ascension.

Published on Apr 26, 2012

God of War: Ascension would have similiarities to Nintendo's Legend of Zelda and include a co-op mode, if David Jaffe were making the game, the developer has revealed.

Speaking in an upcoming issue of games™ magazine, the God of War creator said that if he was tasked with making a fourth God of War he'd incorporate three specific elements.

"[I'd] bring in different myths, add a very robust and meaningful co-star (I think lots and lots can be done story wise with co-op play), and look to the Zelda structure as a jumping off point. Hyper violent Legend of Zelda? Yes please!" Jaffe said as part of the God of War: Ascension feature in the upcoming issue 22 of games™.

Regarding a co-op mode, Jaffe added: "That could be cool. I could see that working. I'd love to see player one be Kratos and player two be this stupid annoying sidekick that - for some to be determined story reason - Kratos is stuck with for the whole adventure and in the end, once the main quest is over, Kratos just snaps the poor kid's neck."

Sounds fairly unsatisying for player two, doesn't it? We wouldn't have Kratos any other way though.

For the full feature, which also covers how Jaffe's God of War 3 would have played out ("My design saw Kratos killing Zeus in the first 10 minutes...") check out issue 122 of games™ magazine when it hits shops, Apple's Newsstand and Zinio on Thursday 10 May.

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