Battlefield 3 Update Controversy: 'We Don't Care About Individuals' - DICE

Tom Hopkins

Battlefield 3 studio responds to criticism over the last BF3 patch saying it has to take all gamers into account.

Published on Apr 26, 2012

Battlefield 3 executive producer and temporary DICE CEO Patrick Bach has responded to criticism aimed at the studio following the last BF3 patch.

Battlefield 3's last update hit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at the start of April, but its weapon buffs/nerfs and fixes didn't please everbody - in fact, it also created a few new issues too.

"The biggest challenge when you release a big patch like this is to wait," Bach told NowGamer. "Because we know that if you have a favourite gun that we have balanced down or you score in a certain way by doing certain things and then we nerfed that down then you will get upset, period."

Gamers' feedback only takes into account their own performance in the game Bach said, an impossible approach for DICE.

"People do not care and they do not know about the big picture, but we do. Because we don’t care about single individuals, we care about everyone. We try to make sure that everyone has a great time and that the balance is overarching. So we have a lot of statistics, we look at all the data and we try to listen to people and ask ‘is this really an issue?’. And in most of the cases it is not an issue."

Bach said that DICE was currently evaluating the degree of certain issues "to see if something is a problem or if it’s just someone thinking ‘I’m not used to it, so I hate it."

"We get a lot of praise for it but the biggest problem is that the people that like it don’t go on forums and write about it, they just keep playing," Bach added. "We can see that our player numbers are going up as we speak because of the patch. It’s not going down even though people say ‘I’m not playing because of the patch’.

"I think if people went back to the old patch now after a couple of weeks they would see the big differences. But then again it’s not that it’s hassle free, so of course we are looking into any real issues that we need to fix," Bach explained.

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