Visceral Montreal: CV Confirms New Army Of Two, Dead Space 3, Third Project

Tom Hopkins

Rumoured sequels to Army of Two and Dead Space are being developed at EA's Montreal studio according to a developer CV.

Published on Apr 25, 2012

'Army of Two 3' and Dead Space 3 are in development at Visceral Montreal, the EA studio previously best known for the first couple of Army of Two games.

The cached version of UI designer Jeremie Benhamou's CV (via Superannuation) reveals that both projects were in development at the studio, possibly since 2009:

Electronic Arts / Visceral Games Montreal
[Unannounced project]: Graphic design direction / UI Art direction
Dead Space 3: UI Art direction, pre-production concepts
Army of Two 3: UI concepts

Dead Space 3 was recently listed on a retail site, while a Frostbite 2.0-powered four-player Army of Two: The 40th Day sequel - Army of Four - was rumoured to be in the works at the end of last year.

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