Max Payne 3's Cut Scenes Last Four Hours, Has Two Discs On Xbox 360

Tom Hopkins

Rockstar going all out with data for upcoming shooter sequel Max Payne 3.

Published on Apr 24, 2012

Max Payne 3 will come across two discs on the Xbox 360, with the game totalling over four hours of cut scene content.

Rockstar confirmed that Max Payne's return on Xbox would be over two DVDs via twitter, while a BBFC listing revealed the length of Max Payne 3 cut scenes, which add up to 250 minutes in length - four hours and ten minutes.

Recent Xbox 360 games to come on more than one disc include Rage (3) and Battlefield 3 (2 discs).

Max Payne 3 will come on one Blu-ray for PS3 - it hits consoles on 18 May in Europe, following on PC on 1 June.

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