The Walking Dead Launching On PSN This Week

Tom Hopkins

Telltale's videogame adaptation of Robert Kirkman's fan-favourite comic book, The Walking Dead, comes to the PlayStation Network this Wednesday.

Published on Apr 23, 2012

The Walking Dead, Telltale Games' episodic videogame take on the Robert Kirkman zombie saga hits PSN in Europe this Wednesday, 25 April.

The Walking Dead's first episode, ‘A New Day,’ will set you back £3.99 on the PlayStation Store, with each of the subsequent four episodes costing the same - or fans can pre-purchase the five-episode season up front for £15.99 to receive a free PS3 theme.

Based on the comic and developed in collaboration with Kirkman, Telltale's game follows new character Lee Everett who "exists in the same world and roughly the same geographical location," as protagonist Rick Grimes.

"Unlike any other previous Telltale game, The Walking Dead tailors the story based on the decisions that you make," writes writer/designer   Jake Rodkin on the PS Blog. "Your decisions or actions might have an effect in the episode you’re playing or might affect the entire season.

"You could answer a question in a certain way and have a character become suspicious of your motives, or you could be forced to choose who to save when two people are in mortal peril but only one can be yanked back from the zombie horde. Your decisions will stay with you throughout the series, and their repercussions could mean that you and a friend have a very different game experience."

Expect new episodes to launch about a month apart.



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