GTA 5 'Delayed' To December 2012 - Release Date Rumour

Tom Hopkins

Will Rockstar and Take Two launch Grand Theft Auto 5 before the end of 2012? The jury's still out.

Published on Apr 18, 2012

GTA 5 will probably remain well under wraps at Rockstar until the developer gets the awesome-looking Max Payne 3 out of the door in May, but two new rumours have hit the internet on when exactly we might see what's shaping up to be the most ambitious Grand Theft Auto game to date.

The first is a report on Dutch site InsideGamer which citing a 'freelancer' says that GTA 5 has been postponed from an October release date until December 2012.

Meanwhile, magazine PSM3 predicts a hugely-specific 9 March 2013 release date for the next GTA game.

Which sounds most likely? Will Rockstar break it's recent tradition of May release dates for its biggest franchise? Have your say below!

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