Bethesda Tease Is Dishonored, Not Skyrim DLC - Report

Tom Hopkins

Bethesda's Twitter image is from Arkane's Dishonored, not Skyrim.

Published on Apr 17, 2012

Skyrim fans may have to wait a little while longer for news of DLC for Bethesda's DLC, with the image teased by the publisher yesterday relating to Arkane Studio's stylish-looking Steampunk FPS Dishonored according to TSA.

The image, of rugged, heroic type apparently plays ahead of a trailer for Dishonored over on GameTrailers, while Bethesda's Pete Hines reminded gamers via Twitter that the company also publishes other games, following up with "Some of you guys are completely delusional with your hopes and expectations. Just sayin'. :-)"

If true, something new on Dishonored trailer later today.



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