GTA 5 On PlayStation Vita Heads Up Issue 217 Of Play Magazine

Ryan King

Grand Theft Auto on PS Vita more than likely, according to numerous sources.

Published on Apr 12, 2012

Is Grand Theft Auto V coming to Vita? The latest issue of Play has all the gossip, from the industry analysts to the retailers to Rockstar’s reaction when we asked them directly.
“Regardless of the success of Vita, or whether market demands have shifted, on paper it makes absolute sense to eventually see a GTA on the PS Vita platform,” said industry analyst Jesse Divnich. “Even with a smaller install base, any Grand Theft Auto spin-off is likely to have a strong enough reception to produce significant profits and customer enjoyment.”
“I am sure they will ultimately release a Grand Theft Auto game on Vita,” continues Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan analyst. “It’s hard to project when, and to know whether, they will make it a priority. Most likely it will be a 2013 event.”
Also in the issue: 50 shocking secrets about Assassin’s Creed III, why Black Ops 2 will fail and the violence and murder at the heart of Hitman: Absolution exposed in our stunning exclusive.
We’ve also got our in-depth tech guide, 20 Tricks To Boost Your PlayStation 3, leading the free DVD along with every Skyrim secret caught on video and eight reviews with commentary by the team!
That’s in issue 217 of Play, available through Imagine Shop, iTunes Newsstand and on Zinio.



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