Dragon Age 3: BioWare Teases Orlais Destination For Next Game

Tom Hopkins

BioWare may go "somewhere a little more French,” in the next Dragon Age game.

Published on Apr 11, 2012

Dragon Age 3 could be set in French-themed country Orlais, if hints dropped by Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw at PAX East are anything to go by.

"If we really have to go somewhere urban, let’s not go to Kirkwall," Laidlaw said during a DA panel. "Let’s go somewhere new. Maybe somewhere a little more... French."

Orlais is next to Ferelden and features characters with French accents.

Laidlaw has iterated the importance of fan feedback to the the next Dragon Age game after some criticism over Dragon Age 2. As well as acknowledging some of the feedback from earlier games, Laidlaw also revealed that equipment for followers will return in the next Dragon Age game, with customisable armour also teased, although not confirmed.

The BioWare blog suggests the panel were discussing "a completely hypothetical project," as well as "some of the ideas that have been floating around the BioWare offices."

Dragon Age 3 may not be officially announced but development on the game was effectively confirmed almost a year ago.

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