GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2: New Claims Made By Alleged 'Rockstar Insider'

Tom Hopkins

Huge GTA 5 rumours and claims Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the works come from new source.

Published on Apr 7, 2012

Alleged GTA 5 details have sprung from a source claiming to have spent a year as an intern at Rockstar's Manhattan offices.

The details - which, with no way to verify, should be treated purely as speculation - mostly regard the upcoming GTA 5 and originated on DSN.

The source also claims a sequel to Red Dead Redemption will be called Red Dead Rebellion.

The source claims he never saw 'functional gameplay' of GTA 5, but amassed knowledge of the game through documents, conversations and what was on developer's screens.

There are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes in the list, but also a few things that tally up with what has been rumoured before now.

We've summarised the claims below - take the list with a pinch of salt and get speculating yourselves in our comments section:

- GTA 5 has been in development since 2008, and is "about 87 per cent" finished.
- Rockstar has begun working on a Red Dead Redemption sequel - Red Dead Rebellion.
- Bully 2 and Wild Metal 2 are also in development.
- A new game - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - is being planned as prequel to the 'HD' GTA games.
- Los Santos is the only city on the GTA 5 map, which comprises five populaces across three provinces.
- The province names are 'The Greater Naranja Area', 'Los Puerta' and 'Greater Los Santos'.
- The county is described as 'huge' with Greater Los Santos including "the San Ventura Mountain Range, Bone Valley, Larry Andreasen Bridge, Lawernce Island, and Santos National Park".
- Chilliad Peak appears on the mountain range.
- The sourthern border of the map is blocked by "unpassable mountains" and "a fence along the range".
- The Mexico-US border is referenced, but players won't actually be able to cross into Mexico.
- District names Jefferson, Vinewood, Mullholland, and Idlewood have returned from San Andreas.
- The Los Santos map is said to be more than three times the size of Liberty City, surrounded by "two Red Dead [Redemption] maps as countryside"
- The central character is said to be a young man [seen in the red convertible in the GTA 5 trailer] called Adrian (pictured)

- The older character in the suit from the GTA 5 trailer is Albert, an associate who will deliver missions.
- Random/procedural street missions will still exist.
- GTA 5 will have decision-based moments and multiple endings.
- The campaign will see players form a crew of henchmen, which players will recruit for their skills
- Each players' crew will approach missions differently depending on which members you've picked.
- Players can call their crew for missions, "as back-up, or just to hang out, engage in activities and free roam."
- Character customisation is limited to the central character.
- Clothing options have been "vastly improved" from GTA 4.
- Body building and strength/stamina boosts could return from San Andreas.
- New activities are set to include "surfing, card games, dice, hang-gliding, rockclimbing, car shows, off-roading, hiking, and 'legal' gambling."
- Mission types will include robberies and heists, with proceeds split with your crew.
- Flight school, driver's course and shooting ranges will boost each areas stats.
- Girlfriends will return, each with their own pros and cons.
- Adrenaline Pillswill return.
- Assets are 'attainable' and will boost wealth
- Safhouses are set to include a safe to store weapons, cash and other items.
- Players will be able to establish themselves in the narcotics industry from street level trade to owning the means of production.
- Pedestrians can be pickpocketed, rather than dropping money, with an RDR-style 'X' marking yet-to-be looted bodies.
- GTA 5 will include around 50 different weapons, with RDR guns returning as antiques.
- Consistent weapon usage will improve that weapons' stats.
- Melee weapons include golf clubs, knifes, bats, shovels, pick-axe and machetes.
- Players can now throw "brooms, chairs, lamps, boxes, traffic cones and barricades."
- Players can now aim and shoot while traversing obstacles such as ladders.
- Weapon select could be done via a Max Payne 3 weapon-wheel.
- Players will be able to usehuman shields.
- Guns aren't customisable, but pre-customised weapons are scattered about GTA 5.
- Weapons can use variant ammo, with GTA 5 using the same bullet-modelling system as Max Payne 3.
- Vehicles will return from GTA 4, with each model featuring "1984, 1986, 1992, 1998, 2001, 2008, and 2012 renditions," as will new cars.
- Soft tops, headlights and other vehicle mods are interactive.
- Bicycles will return.
- Money is said to be more difficult to acquire in GTA 5.
- Prices of everything - "clothing, food, realty and housing, vehicles, venues, tolls, and business buy-in," - are said to be 'realistic'.
- The drugs trade will play a key role in the acquisition of wealth.
- Special items such as jewelry can be robbed, worn, stored in a safe, or sold (and later bought back) for cash at new 'PawnStar' shops.

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