Epic Mickey 2 Won't Have Online Co-op To 'Bring People Together'

Adam Barnes


Warren Spector talks about his latest video game, and the strange omission of online co-op in Epic Mickey 2.

Published on Apr 3, 2012

Epic Mickey 2 was revealed recently as a co-op focused action adventure game starring Disney's most famous character. But the game will only feature split-screen co-op, rather than online compatibility - a bizarre decision considering the always-connected nature of modern gaming.

"Okay, look. A year from now I’m probably going to be back here saying ‘Oh my gosh, why didn’t I do online co-op?’" starts Warren Spector in an interview with games™ Magazine, "In the same way as now saying why didn’t I do full voice in the last game."

But any Disney game should be about "bringing people together" according to the legendary developer, "I just couldn’t see putting on a headset and talking to someone a million miles away.

"The picture I get in my head," Spector continues, "is an older brother sits down with a younger brother to play the game or two friends sit down after school to play."

The idea, according to Spector, is for everyone of all ages experience Epic Mickey 2 in the same way. "I want to recreate, at least conceptually, the experience I had recently watching a Disney film in the theatre where I looked around and saw a middle-aged game designer and wife sitting there and enjoying the same film as the elderly couple sitting two rows in front and enjoying the same experience as young father and daughter having, family of four."

It's a noble idea, and whether Epic Mickey 2 might suffer due to the lack of online co-op is something only time will tell. "Joining people together seems to be what Disney is about" finishes Spector and it's an argument that's hard to ignore.

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