Nintendo's Wii U Release Date Set For November?

Adam Barnes


Retailer email hints at the next Nintendo console due to launch in November.

Published on Apr 3, 2012

A Japanese retailer Media Land has seemingly revealed the release date for Nintendo's Wii U console, pinning the next-gen console set for launch in 18 November 2012.

This was leaked from WiiUDaily who managed to get hold of the email sent through Media Land confirming the date - a launch window very similar to Nintendo's last home console the Wii, which launched on 19 November 2006.

Both the Wii and the rumoured Wii U release date land on a Sunday, too.

Colour this a rumour for now, since this isn't actually confirmed by Nintendo and there's no mention of whether this was information passed on to Media Land or whether that is the retailer's own prediction, but it's certainly a likely target for Nintendo.

[via WiiUDaily]

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