Xbox 720 And PS4 Release Date Reports 'Just Noise' - Pachter

Tom Hopkins

Next-gen console release dates likely unknown says veteran analyst Michael Pachter.

Published on Apr 2, 2012

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 release dates are probably unknown by any developers with knowledge of the next-gen consoles according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter despite rumours to the contrary which suggest a 2013 launch for both.

"I suppose that there are dev kits out there, but nobody has firm knowledge about launch dates," he told NowGamer.

"I love that the Xbox 720 has gone from no disc drive to a Blu-ray drive in the span of a week, and love that there is no mention about the PS4 blocking used games," Pachter said of the latest reports. "If there are disparate rumors about the Xbox 720 and PS4, one of them must be wrong."

The rumoured specs for both consoles are believable as "dev kits would have the correct configuration," the analyst reasoned, adding that while features such as a perpetual internet connection or built-in Kinect may be true, are not essential information for developers at this stage.

"The noise about who will launch first is just noise. Neither Sony nor Microsoft knows what the other is doing, so it’s not particularly important which one launches first. They may both go at holiday 2013, although spring 2014 makes more sense so that they can keep up with demand," Pachter concluded.

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