Kickstarter 'The Last Hope' After Pitching Wasteland 2 For 10 Years - Fargo

Tom Hopkins

Brian Fargo, inXile boss, has told NowGamer why he turned to Kickstarter for Wasteland 2.

Published on Mar 28, 2012

Wasteland, Interplay's post-apocalyptic 1988 pre-cursor to Fallout will finally get a sequel thanks to crowd-funding site Kickstarter after inXile floated the project earlier this month, busting through a $900,000 target in less than two days.

But if the demand is so clearly there, why not go to a publisher?

"I decided to go down this route for Wasteland 2 because it was the last and only hope of getting the sequel made that I wanted to do," inXile boss Brian Fargo told NowGamer.

"I was not wary when I did pitch the game as I thought it seemed like such an obvious thing to do. But I soon found out that there was no interest from any publisher I spoke of. I pitched the game on and off for almost 10 years and got nowhere. I had pretty much given up until I saw what Kickstarter was capable of."

Double Fine proved Kickstarter's potential when its adventure game project generated a development budget almost $3 million more than its $400,000 target last month.

So will inXile look to Kickstarter again?

"My next step right now is to just work on Wasteland 2 and make it right. Never have I had more pressure to deliver than ever before so focus will be critical here. There are a couple of huge advantages to the production of this game in being fan funded is that I don't have to create vertical slices and prototypes every 60 days to prove we are on track," Fargo told us.

"Secondly I don't have to spend a third of my time prepping for the next game and pitching it to publishers to ensure the team has a job afterwards. The best games in the industry come from developers who have the power to get the distractions and the people with bad ideas to stay out of the conversation. Fan feedback will no doubt be frustrating at times but I would not have it any other way."

Look out for our full interview with Brian Fargo later this week.



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