Tiger Woods 13's Pricey DLC Also Available For Free

Tom Hopkins

Tiger Woods 13 DLC prices range up to £48, but players can access the content for free.

Published on Mar 28, 2012

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 reviews are on the fairway, with the latest incarnation of EA Sports' golf franchise receiving some pretty favourable reviews.

Reports of expensive DLC are rife though, with coin boosts to players' in-game coffers ranging from £1.59 (for 6,000 coins) to £47.99 for (280,000) on PSN.

Individual courses are available to play, but limited to a number of rounds. You can unlock them for $5 according to reports (UK prices TBC) but competent players should be able to earn enough coins to unlock the courses they want to play - all of them, in fact.

"You will earn an award for each level of Course Mastery you complete for each course in the game," reads the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 webpage. "For completing the Silver level at any course, you will be rewarded with a Coin bonus. Achieve Gold level at any course and you will receive a free Pin Pack. For completing the Gold level at a Downloadable Course, you get unlimited rounds to that course."

'Unlimited rounds' essentially means the course is unlocked. The majority of courses are already on the game disc, meaning regular players should unlock extra content in no time.

EA Sports has essentially been bringing mobile-style in-app-purchases to console gaming for a while - do you spend your money on coins? Would you rather EA unlocked all the content from the start? Let us know! 

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 launches for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this Friday, 31 March.

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