GTA 5: Drugs, Gangs, Customisation, Release Date, Multiplayer - 'Insider' Rumours

Tom Hopkins

Big GTA 5 gameplay claims made by alleged former Rockstar employee.

Published on Mar 22, 2012

GTA 5 will include drug use, multiplayer gangs, weapon and vehicle customisation and is targeting a May 2013 release date, according to a poster on a now-deleted GameSpot forum thread.

The poster, who claims to know an ex-Rockstar North employee, refers to Grand Theft Auto 5's protagonist as the previously rumoured Albert De Silva, and mentions another early character rumour - a console-playing son called Kevin De Silva.

Newer rumours include 32-player MP modes on console with online gangs vying for reputation and territory across various heists and modes in Los Santos.

Planes will supposedly be flyable, players will be able to add minor additions to weapons and cars (such as suppressors or Nitrous boost) and the game will launch in May 2013 following a demo at E3 2012 - acoording to the post.

Gunfights are said to be more realistic, with a broader more varied range of police measures across wanted ratings - drug use is also rumoured to be included, harking back to previous games such as GTA: San Andreas.

It all sounds wildly speculative to us, and definitely to be regarded as completely unsubstantiated rumours -  although some of the mentions have cropped before.

We'll drop Rockstar a line, but don't hold your breath.

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