Boba Fett Busts A Move, Yoda Appears In Latest Kinect Star Wars Video

Tom Hopkins

Pod racing looks the best of a bad bunch in upcoming motion-controlled game.

Published on Mar 20, 2012

Kinect Star Wars has long been a bit of a figure of fun in the NowGamer office and now that it's release date is almost upon us, we can't say that the latest trailer fills us with hope.

The dancing clips - featuring Boba Fett and The Emperor - look like a re-skinned Dance Central while the Rancor rampage doesn't look anything like as exciting as it should, much like the lightsaber battles.

There is (a new) hope though, as Yoda enters the fray, with what looks like a speeder-bike chase riffing off of Return of the Jedi, while the Phantom Menace-inspired pod-racing stages actually look like we always hoped they would. The starfighter sections don't look too bad either.

Give the trailer a look below, and be your own judge:



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