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Tom Hopkins

BradyGames bags the license to the Grand Theft Auto 5 strategy guide.

Published on Mar 19, 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5 will come with its own strategy guide when its eventually released, with BradyGames confirming it has won the right to map "the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches," in what Rockstar is touting as its most ambitious game to date.

The most valuable info will be where to find all the best cars, weapons, clothes and perhaps more acrss the sprawling map of the under-wraps open-world sequel - which
BradyGames believes will see the guide sell out.

"When Grand Theft Auto V finally comes out, we’re going to have a really good year. We know we’re going to sell out of strategy guides for that game," Brady's global strategy guide publisher Mike Degler told MCV.

GTA 5's release date, and even year of release, is still a mystery - but Rockstar is expected to drop more details on the game after Max Payne 3 launches in May.

Do you usually buy strategy guides, or do you consider them cheating? Would you make an exception for a game the size of GTA 5? Have your say below!

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