Call of Duty Elite: MW3 Map Black Box On Xbox 360 Today

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Call of Duty Elite premium members get three new Xbox 360 content drops for Modern Warfare 3 today, including multiplayer map Black Box.

Published on Mar 13, 2012

Call of Duty Elite premium members on Xbox 360 have three new pieces of Modern Warfare 3 DLC content to enjoy later today, including the stunning new multiplayer map Black Box.

The new content drop also includes Spec Ops missions Black Ice and Negotiator. NowGamer saw all three Modern Warfare 3 DLC maps in action first-hand last week.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer map Black Box takes place among the debris of the president's downed plane, as you battle through the fuselage, and use the plane's snapped wings to reach ruined houses on either side of a valley.

Negotiator is an intense Spec Ops mission based in a favela, while Black Ice sees the return of snowmobile racing. 

All three DLC items will be available to Call of Duty Elite premium members first on Xbox 360, while PS3 owners will need to wait a little longer for the content.

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