FIFA Street: Real Clubs Not Available For Online Play - Report

Dave Cook


FIFA Street launches this week, and early reports suggest that online play will be stripped back, and that real teams will not be available.

Published on Mar 12, 2012


FIFA Street is launching at retail this week, although those who have early access to the game have been complaining about the game's online modes via EA's official forums.

EA forum member Bdiddy170591 explained, "After first trying the Online Team Up mode (very basic), and seeing that you can only use your created player, it was a disappointment but I can overlook it."

"After a few matches, I try to play a few ranked games and guess what? No real clubs! YOU CAN ONLY USE THE FAKE/CREATED PLAYERS ONLINE! This also stands for unranked/friendly matches as well."

The poster also explained that only five or six-a-side and Futsol modes are available, meaning that three of FIFA Street's online modes are not available for online play.

NowGamer has contacted EA for comment and is awaiting confirmation of FIFA Street's online mode.

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