Diablo 3: Blizzard Reveals New Class Skills, Location Videos

Tom Hopkins

Diablo 3's Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard show off their new skills.

Published on Feb 27, 2012

Diablo 3 may be in the closing stages of development, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything new to show fans.

Blizzard has revealed 20 new videos shoing off new base skills for every class in the action RPG, with the Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard classes each getting either new, or at least improved skills

"The skills we’re spotlighting are drawn from a variety of classes and levels, and most of them aren’t available in the Diablo III beta," reads th Diablo 3 website.

"We’ve decided to showcase only ‘base’ skills, unaffected by runes, but their rune variants are no less explosive (there are just a few too many of them to display here)."

The Diablo 3 site has videos for each skill, and also introduces "a few unfamiliar, exotic locales," according to Blizzard.

Hit the link above to see them all in action - some of our favourites are the Demon hunter's 'Rain of Vengeance' and the Barbarian's 'Ancient Spear' (pictured).




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