Mass Effect 3 Content Headed To Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Report

Tom Hopkins

Rumoured BioWare and Square Enix collaboration could see ME3/FFXIII-2 crossover.

Published on Feb 21, 2012

Mass Effect 3's universe could be headed, in some small way, to Final Fantasy XIII-2, according to a report by Siliconera.

Following the Assassin’s Creed costume that's set for Final Fantasy XIII-2, a source has reportedly revealed that Mass Effect will enjoy a similar crossover in Square Enix's RPG with a "specially designed Mass Effect costume".

Does that mean Commander Shepard and Ezio Auditore could be running around in the same game - and a Final Fantasy game at that?

Weirder things have happened. Probably. Do you want to see these types of cross-promotion between publishers, or ar you tired of cynical marketing ploys? Discuss below!



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