PS Vita: Sony On YouTube, Flash, UMD Readers, PSP, PS2, PS3 Games

Tom Hopkins

Sony remains silent on some PS Vita features, ahead of launch next week.

Published on Feb 17, 2012

PS Vita will not be able to compete with smartphones and tablets when it comes to YouTube, Flash content and multiple file-types (such as PDFs) at launch.

A PS Vita FAQ reveals that Sony has "no details to share at this time" regarding the console's wider media functionality.

The PS Vita won't bea ble to connect to the internet via Bluetooth either, although it will support Bluetooth headphones.

Sony said it had no plans to release a UMD reader for the console, which would enable gamers to play their old PSP titles on the new handheld, although PS Vita will play supported PSP digital titles.

"PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point," the FAQ adds.

Japan got a UMD passport program, enabling gamers to access their UMD titles for a 'discounted price' - but the program wasn't announced for the US and has yet to be mentioned for Europe.

PS Vita launches in the US and Europe on Wednesday 22 February.

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