Next-Gen Xbox Codenamed 'Durango' - Report

Tom Hopkins

Xbox 720 has an internal codename at Microsoft, according to reports.

Published on Feb 16, 2012

Xbox Next, Microsoft's oft-speculated next-gen console project to build a successor to the Xbox 360, could be named Durango internally according to Kotaku.

Durango is the latest in Microsoft's line of gaming project names (remember Project Natal?), which has apparently been verified by "multiple sources close to the project".

Durango is a Mexican state, which, if truly the project name, appears to suggest a South American theme in Microsoft's recent codename choices - Natal is a Brazilian city.

Will Durango be unvieled at this year's E3? Will it release this year or next? Is it even real? Speculate away in our comments section below!




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