EA Hints At Fiscal 2013 Release For Respawn FPS

Tom Hopkins

EA Partners marketing site lists 2013 titles - including secret project by Call of Duty creators.

Published on Feb 3, 2012

Respawn's currently under-wraps shooter could be scheduled to release in the 2013 financial year (April 2012 - March 2013) if a recently-edited EA partners webpage is any indication.

The Secret World, Overstrike, Respawn, Populous and Outernauts were listed - then deleted - from the page, titled "EAP Marketing FY13 Home Page".

The Respawn project was widely thought to comprise EA's shooter offering for Q4 2013, with a new Medal of Honor game hinted at for 2012.

Outernauts was recently trademarked by Insomniac Games, and looks like a second EA partners project - after the four-player shooter Overstrike. Outernauts could be a project for Insomniac's new 'Click' social/casual division.

The other surprise is Populous, which has yet to be announced - is it a Facebook game or a full 3D reboot like XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

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