SSX: Online AutoLog Features Black Ops Style Wager Matches

Adam Barnes


SSX online multiplayer modes revealed, with elements from Black Ops and Need For Speed.

Published on Jan 19, 2012

EA's AutoLog features first seen in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit have worked their way into many of EAs games since, and SSX looks to be the most innovative use of it yet.

By utilising RiderNet, players can view and compete in a selection of always-shifting online challenges with leaderboards in the persistant online Global Events mode.

Not only will this utilise features previously seen in AutoLog as players compete against their friends times, but there will be the option to make wagers against each others best scores.

By betting on the outcome you can earn additional credits - but fail to beat a friend's time and those credits will be rewarded to them next time they log on.

Despite the similarity to Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Wager Matches, SSX producer Todd Batty told NowGamer that he actually thought of the idea before Black Ops' release while playing a lot of online poker.

RiderNet will also post the ghosts of your times online, ready for friends to compete against to earn credits.

This follows news that SSX split-screen was omitted from development, but could still turn up as future DLC.



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