SSX Dev: 'Split Screen Could Be Added In Future Update'

Adam Barnes


EA Canada producer SSX Todd Batty discusses the possibility for future split-screen multiplayer.

Published on Jan 19, 2012

SSX producer Todd Batty has discussed why split-screen multiplayer was omitted from the upcoming SSX, and how it could be reinstated in a future game update.

"Don't get me wrong, we could do split screen on the last generation of consoles," says Batty in an interview with NowGamer, "But it's not free. It's not even a cheap feature - it's a big technical investment."

"We made the call in the early days that we were making this game for the connected generation bringing SSX into the future," continues Batty, "and I know some people get upset when something in a game gets dropped."

Batty then referred to racing games as an example of why SSX doesn't need split-screen, saying "we looked at racing games - not that this is an excuse - and pure racing games don't even support split screen today. And racing is only a third of our game. You certainly don't need split screen for tricking or survive it."

"It's something i'd like to add back into the game in the future," said Batty, who then confirmed that split-screen could feasibly appear in either a potential sequel (should they get to make one) or via a game update in the future.

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