Cube World Dev On Mojang Rethink: 'I Value My Independence'

Tom Hopkins

Indie developer Wollay explains why he ultimately turned down a role with Notch at Minecraft studio.

Published on Jan 17, 2012

Minecraft creator Notch recently tweeted that he'd gained - and then lost - a potential employee for Swedish studio Mojang.

That dev was German indie Dr. Wolfram von Funck, known online as Wollay, whose upcoming RPG Cube World shares a colourful voxel-based starting point with Notch's Minecraft.

Even though Cube World would have remained his own personal project, Wollay explained to NowGamer why he decided not to join Mojang after all.

"While being independent means more personal responsibility, I learned that I'm a kind of person who values personal independence more than a safe job," he told us today. "So I decided to devote my time entirely to my personal projects Cube World and Plasma."

Plasma is Wollay's innovative-looking graphics and design software.

Look out for the full Cube World interview next week on NowGamer.



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